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Create a 360 Degree Image is a free, neat little tool that allows you to create a spinning 360 degree image. Take a series of still photos from all sides of an object and upload. The more you pictures you take, the better the effect. Picturecloud will mesh your photos together and create the 360 degree image for you.
The site recommends using it to sell products, but I think it could also be neat for a virtual tour of, say, a law library.

Things That Make You Go Eww

A pair of articles to brighten your day:
– From Reuters: Oddly Enough:
Grocery shopping? Take your rubber gloves!
“Shopping cart handles are the most bacteria-infested items among some commonly used objects while doorknobs on public bathrooms are not as bad as might be expected, according to a survey conducted in South Korea.”
– From Boing Boing:
Fast-food toilet-water has less bacteria than their drinks-ice
“A seventh-grade student in New Tampa, FL, compared the water in fast food restaurants’ toilets to the water used in their drinks-ice and concluded that the ice was higher in bacteria than the toilets. 12-year-old Jasmine Roberts won her school science fair for her research and hopes to win the county prize this week.”

Ghosts of the White House

Here’s a fun one just in time for Halloween – Ghosts of the White House – from the official White House Web site.
Watch videos featuring “stories of strange noises in the White House, sightings of President Abraham Lincoln’s ghost and a Halloween prank by President Carter’s daughter.” Also features a transcript from a Halloween 2003 chat with White House Chief Usher, Gary Walters.
Source: Librarians Index to the Internet

Update: Thanks to Kimberly Edwards for letting me know that this link is broken. She suggested this site as an alternative.