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Article: The Fourth Amendment and Privacy Issues on the “New” Internet: and

There is an interesting article on The Fourth Amendment and Privacy Issues on the “New” Internet: and in the Fall issue of the Southern Illinois University Law Journal.
Abstract: and are two of the most trafficked Web sites on the Internet. These Web sites form a “new” type of internet where users can create profiles and share information like never before. With the exploding popularity comes the usage by law enforcement of these Web sites to investigate criminal offenses and the corresponding privacy concerns of citizens.
The Comment explores Fourth Amendment jurisprudence beginning with landmark decisions, then discusses Fourth Amendment cases dealing specifically with cyberspace communications, and goes on to discuss how a court faced with a Fourth Amendment issue on or might apply the holdings from prior cases.

Thanks to my UW Madison Library colleague, Amanda Werhane, for the tip.

“Scribd is YouTube for Documents”

Scribd is YouTube for documents,” says Neil Squillante of TechnoLawyer. This free online library where anyone can upload supports .doc, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, .xls, .mp3, and more.
What’s in it for legal practitioners? According to Technolawyer:

— You can use Scribd as a free document conversion tool, albeit with a limited number of file formats right now.
— You can use Scribd to convert documents into MP3 files that you can listen to while commuting, which means you can drive and bill. Ka-ching!
— You can use Scribd as a quick and dirty extranet for clients.
— Someday, I suspect Scribd will also perform free OCR.
That’s all great and yes you can keep your documents private, thus using Scribd solely as a technology tool.
But I think Scribd might even have greater utility as a marketing tool — both for you personally and your firm.

I can also see applications for librarians. Scribd seems like the ideal place to share the many presentations and guides that we do. I’ve posted a few of my PowerPoint presentations.
To get started, check out:

What’s Hot on the Web? Amateur Films on

The Wisconsin State Journal has an interesting article on one of the biggest trends to hit the Web:, an amateur video Web site.
The paper reports that Madison film making duo Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan have had almost a million viewers download their YouTube short film “Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager, Episode 1” If you are a Star Wars fan and haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend it. Very funny.
Legal professionals may also be interested in another Yonda/Sloan short film series entitled “McCourt’s in Session”.