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The Gargoyle Winter/Spring 2008 Edition Online

The Winter/Spring 2008 edition of The Gargoyle is now available online. The Gargoyle is the alumni magazine of the University of Wisconsin Law School. Here is a list of featured articles:

  • Studying the Police
    The Law School’s pioneering program of researching and teaching about the police is beginning a new chapter in the age of the Internet.

  • How I Got Here
    Professor Herman Goldstein, known internationally for his groundbreaking approach to studying the police, looks back on the decisions and twists of fate that brought him to Wisconsin.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Impaired Driving
    Nina Emerson ’92, director of the Law School’s unique Resource Center on Impaired Driving, “knows OWI law better than anyone else.”

  • Helping Today’s Patients, Training Tomorrow’s Professionals
    The Center for Patient Partnerships is thriving as Director Meg Gaines ’83 and her multidisciplinary staff and students join to advocate for clients facing serious illnesses.

  • On Behalf of Children
    Five years after the three founders of the Children’s Justice Project first discussed their passion for helping children in the legal system, the student group is flourishing.

Two Law Library Staff Members Receive Library Service Awards

The Law Library is very pleased to report that two of our staff members have received UW Madison Library Service Awards.
Michael Morgalla, our Faculty Liaison, received the award for classified staff. Mike works with our Law School faculty on current awareness, obtaining resources across the campus, verifying citations, charging out material from special collections, and addressing basic reference questions.

Steven Weber received a student award. Steve has worked in numerous departments including reference, collections, administrative office and circulation as lead desk worker. Steve is also currently attending library school here at UW Madison.
Both Mike and Steve are tremendous assets to the Law Library and we were so pleased to see them honored with these awards.
For more information about other Library Service Award winners, see Libraries@UW-Madison.

Recent Scholarship from UW Law School Faculty

New faculty scholarship from the UW Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series from the Legal Scholarship Network (SSRN).

Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society, formerly the Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal

As of the first of the year, the Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal is now the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society. From the announcement:

The new name is more closely aligned with the Journal’s mission statement. For twenty-two years, the Journal has been seeking scholarship that, “examine[s] the intersection of law and gender with issues of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation.” As the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society, we will continue to publish articles with this content, now under a more inclusive name that acknowledges the impact of gender on the legal system, without reference to one sex.

See also the announcement of their upcoming symposium, “Working From the World Up: Equality’s Future” on March 14th and 15th, 2008.

UW Legal Assistance Programs Profiled in The Third Branch

Several of the UW Law School’s legal clinics/projects are featured in the latest edition of The Third Branch. They include:

  • Family Law Assistance Center
  • Small Claims Clinic
  • Family Court Assistance Project
  • Restraining Order Clinic

These programs, developed by the Dane County Bar Association and the UW Law School, are designed to assist self-represented litigants at the Dane County Courthouse.

Library Services for Alumni Featured in Latest Issue of The Gargoyle

The latest edition of The Gargoyle, the UW Madison Law School alumni magazine, is now available online.
On a research note, I’d like to draw your attention to an article I contributed about the various library services available to UW Law School alumni and others (see page 8). This includes document delivery, databases, current awareness services, and reference assistance.
Other highlights from this Summer 2007 issue include:

  • Constitutional Law in Action
    Professors Richard Monette, Heinz Klug, and Brady Williamson have used their expertise in constitutional law in a very concrete way: helping nations to create their own constitutions.

  • Clinical Legal Education: It’s For All Kinds of Lawyers
    Contrary to the misconception that clinical legal education always involves criminal law, the Law School’s 13 clinics help students develop professionalism and skills for all fields of law.

  • How I Got Here
    Professor Marygold Melli decided in eighth grade that she wanted to be a lawyer. She met — and surmounted — challenges all along the way from a legal profession that wasn’t ready to admit women.

  • A Plan Called LRAP
    Careers in public interest law can seem out of reach for graduates carrying the burden of debt that grew as they paid for their education. The Law School is building a Loan Repayment Assistance Program to help out.

UW Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series

A new issue of the SSRN UW Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series was released yesterday. Articles include:

  • “Renegotiations and Settlements: Dr. Pangloss’ Notes on the Margins of David Campbell’s Papers” by STEWART MACAULAY
  • “Constitution-Making, Democracy and the Civilizing of Unreconcilable Conflict: What Might We Learn from the South African Miracle?” by HEINZ KLUG
  • “New Governance & Legal Regulation: Complementarity, Rivalry, and Transformation” by DAVID M. TRUBEK and LOUISE G. TRUBEK
  • “The Transformation of Statutes into Constitutional Law: How Early Post Office Policy Shaped Modern First Amendment Doctrine” by ANUJ C. DESAI
  • “Hard Law & Soft Law in International Taxation” by ALLISON CHRISTIANS
  • “Freedom to Provide Health Care Services within the EU: An Opportunity for a Transformative Directive” by LOUISE G. TRUBEK and TAMARA K. HERVEY (University of Sheffield – Faculty of Law)

UW Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series – New Content

The latest edition of the UW Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series is now available via the Legal Scholarship Network (SSRN) – Vol. 3, No. 1: March 16, 2007
Table of Contents:
“The Business of State Supreme Courts, Revisited”
University of Wisconsin, Madison – Department of Accounting and Information Systems
Rice University – Department of Political Science
Michigan State University – Department of Political Science
University of Texas at Arlington
“Monopolists Without Borders: The Institutional Challenge of International Antitrust in a Global Gilded Age”
University of Wisconsin Law School
“Can the President Read Your Mail? A Legal Analysis”
University of Wisconsin – Law School
“Interpreting the Qur’an and the Constitution: Similarities in the Use of Text, Tradition, and Reason in Islamic and American Jurisprudence”
University of Wisconsin – Law School
“Contracts as Organizations”
University of Wisconsin Law School
Brigham Young University – Department of Sociology