Wisconsin RSB to Digitize Historical Statutes & Admin Code

It appears that the Wisconsin Revisor of Statutes Bureau has plans to digitize all laws and statutes back to 1848 as well as prior versions of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. A definite schedule is not in place, however.
According to Bruce Hoesly at the RSB:
Basically we are scanning pages as time allows. We already have scanned the Acts back to 1969 and those are available on the internet. We also will be scanning administrative code and rule orders. Statutes will be going up volume by volume as they are completed rather than one chunk. As statutes get done they will be added to the list of archived statutes which is already on our website that currently goes back to 1989. (bottom of the left hand column.) Old acts appear on the Wisconsin Acts page
As you may or may not know, the history notes in the online Folio statutes, which go back to the 1971 Laws, are linked to the respective archived acts. And administrative code history sections are linked to all electronic rule orders that are currently available in electronic form, as well as to the registers, which contained the noted changes and those registers are linked to the Admin code text that was replaced. Those links only go back to around 2000, but will be expanded as well.
It may also interest you that we will be adding links from the case annotations in the Folio version of the statutes to Wisconsin appellate cases on the court’s web site. By the end of the year, we expect o have links to all of the cited cases on the court’s web site, which go back to 1995. If at any time the court adds to its archive we will add links.