Enhancements to Wisconsin Statutes on LexisNexis

From LexisNexis Information Professional Update, June 2004:
“LexisNexis Wisconsin Annotated Statutes are now available at www.lexis.com.
LexisNexis annotations include tens of thousands of LexisNexis Case Notes — updated quarterly — plus links to Lexis® Search Advisor and specialized Wisconsin sources to assist you in interpreting and applying the statutes.
When you select LexisNexis Wisconsin Annotated Statutes, you can browse the table of contents for topics. Or choose to search the table of contents (or full-text resource) for concepts. Once you display a section of interest, you’ll discover LexisNexis Case Notes as well as reference links directly to pertinent Wisconsin treatises/analytical materials and Wisconsin law reviews. These enhancements follow the section text.
Navigate easily among the document sections; click on the Explore button on the bottom left side of the screen. Also use the direction arrows next to each LexisNexis Case Note to select specific case notes and return to the case notes list. From each case note you can link to cited cases and statutes. You can also move from the notes to related Lexis Search Advisor topics where you can request more cases, LexisNexis® Headnotes, treatises and law reviews.”