Bloggers at the Democratic National Convention

The bloggers have been busy at the Democratic National Convention. Check out this informative post from Ernie the Attorney:

If you want to keep up with the goings on at the DNC shindig in Boston, you should consider the many weblogs that are covering this convention. Start with Convention Bloggers, which has a comprehensive list of weblogs, including Dave Barry’s blog where this report was filed:

“I have arrived in Boston, and the security is SERIOUS. There are police officers, dogs, army guys, helicopters… and that’s just in my hotel room But as a trained journalism professional, I intend to overcome these obstacles and write daily reports for the Miami Registration Required Herald. Also, if any actual major news breaks out, I will… well, I imagine I will probably leave.”

And Dave Sifry of a well-known (to bloggers) site called Technorati, has created this site for news about the convention. Dave will be appearing on CNN to provide insight into the blogosphere’s reaction to the goings-on at the Convention. If you don’t know much about weblogs and why they are of potential use in covering a political convention, read Dave’s Guide to Following Weblogs During the Conventions.

Last, and certainly not least (especially for snarky commentary and shrill entertainment) is the well-known political gossip weblog Wonkette. If you haven’t read Wonkette yet then do so immediately, and often.

Update: Read the New York Times article on convention blogging. And check out the Wall St. Journal’s Meet the Bloggers for profiles of the 30 or so convention bloggers.