Article: Spam Filters Junking Legit Emails

There is a good article in TechNewsWorld this week called “Filters Get Smarter, But So Do Spammers” about spam filters and the dangers of filtering about legitimate emails.

TVC Alert’s Genie Tyburski shared this advice:

Email is not a reliable means of communication. If you have to sift through 500 junk emails daily to get to the dozen or so you want to read, you’re going to do something about it. Many people select a filter, which is the focus of this article. But filters are not an exact science. Those that don’t allow you to review–and override, if necessary–what they mark as spam arguably are more trouble than the spam itself.

In any event, business email users ought to recognize that the message they send may not make it to the recipient. Therefore, if the message is important, follow it up with a phone call. The article drives home this point by relating the tale of a missed business opportunity because the sender assumed the recipient, who never received the email, wasn’t interested.

Source: TVC Alert