Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin Wins National Marketing Award

This summer, the Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin (LLAW) was awarded the American Association of Law Libraries Excellence in Marketing Award at the 2004 AALL Annual Meeting in Boston. LLAW was chosen for the award based on its innovative publishing campaign which encourages law librarians to write articles for legal publications. By publishing these articles, LLAW hopes to both educate legal practitioners about legal resources and to increase awareness that law librarians are experts in the field of legal research.

This is a project with which I have been quite involved since I first proposed the idea to LLAW in Fall 2002. LLAW has been quite fortunate to have LLAW member, Carol Bannen, serve as Articles Coordinator. I am especially proud of Carol and our member writers and am very honored to have served as President of LLAW during this award winning year.

A bibliography of articles written by LLAW members is available on the LLAW Web site. One of these is an article that Carol and I co-wrote about the publishing campaign which appeared in the AALL Spectrum.