Oshkosh Candidate Forum Blog

Voters in Oshkosh have a new resource: a blog called 54th District – An online forum for the four candidates for the 54th District Seat in the Wisconsin Assembly courtesy the Oshkosh Public Library, Oshkosh Community News Network, and the Oshkosh League of Women Voters. What a great use of a blog – very innovative!
Here’s a bit from the initial posting:

The four candidates who are running for the Wisconsin Assembly in the 54th District have agreed to engage in an innovative online forum that will allow them to debate the issues in cyberspace. The four participants in the forum are independent Dan Carpenter, Democrat Gordon Hintz, Wisconsin Green Tony Palmeri and Republican incumbent Gregg Underheim.
The forum will be conducted using a Web log and will function for approximately four weeks, from mid-September to mid-October. A parallel Web log will also be established where citizens will be able to post their comments about the debate. This will be an added benefit to candidates since they will be able to learn in real time how voters are thinking about and reacting to the issues.

Source: The Shifted Librarian