Article: Searching Smarter – Finding Legal Resources on the Invisible Web

I’m pleased to report that an article I wrote called, Searching Smarter – Finding Legal Resources on the Invisible Web appears in the September issue of the Wisconsin Lawyer. The article is part of a series of Wisconsin Lawyer articles written by members of the Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin.
Here is the abstract:

A great deal of information available on the Internet is found only on the “invisible Web,” and is not searchable using a general search engine such as Google. Invisible Web content is considered dynamic because it exists as pieces of information within a database until you pull it together. Learn what strategies you can use to efficiently locate this content.

Update: Bruce Hoesly, Deputy Revisor of Statutes, wrote me to comment on the article. He noted that the search example I chose in the Wisconsin Statutes on livestock would have been more precise had I used the online index.
He notes:

A word search in the statutes database for livestock would generate a massive number of hits, including 41 in ch. 93 and 45 in ch. 95. A subject head search in the statutes index would lead directly to the Livestock subhead under Agriculture and Farming and a ready list of links to statutes relating to livestock.

Thanks for the tip, Bruce.