Westlaw Cancels Cost for Documents in Sequence

From the West elert press release:

Documents in Sequence price cancellation
In September 2004 we announced that customers who have selected the transactional pricing method would be charged for every document retrieved via the Documents in Sequence feature. That price change has since been canceled. You and your patrons won’t be charged for any documents retrieved with the feature between September and the present time.
For the price of retrieving a single Westlaw document, you and your patrons can retrieve an entire series of documents. Some databases are better candidates for Documents in Sequence cost savings than others. The feature is most effective in databases containing sequential documents, including statutes, regulations, practice guides, and treatises (e.g., the USCA, CFR, AMJUR-TRIALS, and REST-TORT databases).
To take advantage of the feature, you and your patrons must first select the transactional pricing method. Select Options from the More drop-down list and click Location & Pricing on the left side of the screen. Then click By the transaction on the Searching drop-down list and click Save.