Madison Named to Top Ten Digital Cities of 2004

This month, Madison, Wisconsin was awarded fourth place in the Center for Digital Government’s Top 10 Digital Cities for the 125,000-249,999 population category.
The annual study examines how city governments are utilizing digital technologies to better serve their citizens and streamline operations.
From the CDG site:

Top 10 Digital Cities
250,000 or more population category:
1st Place: Virginia Beach, Va.
2nd Place: Tucson, Ariz.
3rd Place: Los Angeles, Calif.
4th Place: Tampa, Fla.
5th Place: Aurora, Colo.
6th Place: Phoenix, Ariz.
7th Place: Honolulu, Hawaii
8th Place: Nashville, Tenn.
9th Place: Washington, D.C.
10th Place: Colorado Springs, Colo. (tie)
10th Place: Corpus Christi, Texas (tie)
125,000-249,999 population category:
1st Place: Des Moines, Iowa
2nd Place: Hampton, Va.
3rd Place: Winston-Salem, N.C.
4th Place: Madison, Wis.
5th Place: Norfolk, Va.
6th Place: Torrance, Calif.
7th Place: Chesapeake, Va.
8th Place: Hollywood, Fla.
9th Place: Chandler, Ariz.
10th Place: Naperville, Ill.
75,000-124,999 population category:
1st Place: Denton, Texas (tie)
1st Place: Ogden, Utah (tie)
2nd Place: Pueblo, Colo.
3rd Place: Santa Monica, Calif.
4th Place: Richardson, Texas
5th Place: Roanoke, Va.
6th Place: Bellevue, Wash.
7th Place: Westminster, Colo.
8th Place: Olathe, Kansas
9th Place: Independence, Mo.
10th Place: Orem, Utah
30,000-74,999 population category:
1st Place: Redmond, Wash.
2nd Place: Blacksburg, Va.
3rd Place: Manchester, Conn.
4th Place: Lynchburg, Va.
5th Place: Charlottesville, Va.
6th Place: Wellington, Fla.
7th Place: Flower Mound, Texas
8th Place: Walnut Creek, Calif.
9th Place: Sarasota, Fla.
10th Place: Palo Alto, Calif.

Source: ResourceShelf