Make Citations in Web Pages Live Links with WestCiteLink

WestCiteLink has been around for a while. It’s a software application that automatically finds the legal citations in your word-processing documents and links them to the full text documents on Westlaw.
But I recently learned that it is also available for Internet Explorer. Imagine that you are viewing a Web page which contains a legal citation, but has no link to the full text document. If you’re using IE and you’ve installed WestCiteLink, you can simply click the “CL” icon in the West toolbar and those citations magically become links to the documents in Westlaw. You will be charged each time you click on a link, but it could be a significant time saver.
Two versions of the software are available for download from West. One is for law school users and another for all other users. According to Westlaw, three WestCiteLink compatibility modules are included with the download: one for Microsoft Word, another for Corel WordPerfect, and a third for Microsoft Internet Explorer. By default, the installation program will install the module for each of these three programs that it detects on your computer. Alternatively, you can select which compatibility modules are installed by choosing the “custom” option during installation.