FX Series "30 Days" Looking for Prosecutors to Live in Jail

From Blog 702:

You get some interesting e-mail when you run a web site. The following correspondence should be of interest to anyone looking for a one-month vacation from time sheets, voice-mail messages, and senior partners:

If you are a male prosecutor or former prosecutor between the ages of 30-50 who is interested in participating in a documentary about prison life by living in jail for 30 days, please email a short description of yourself and of your prosecutorial career. Please include what your current occupation is and whether or not you feel you could leave your job for 30 days (with compensation). We are currently casting for the FX series “30 DAYS”, a documentary-style series from award-winning filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. The series adapts for TV the concept of Spurlock’s critically-acclaimed “Super Size Me”. Please email Allan Johnson at amjthree@yahoo.com or call 310.202.1272 ext.160.

We have spoken to Mr. Johnson and the project is apparently legit. We must say, a paid sabbatical sure sounds attractive to us, but we didn’t ask about the food.

Source: Stark County Law Library Blawg