Lessig Tries Podcasting

Lawrence Lessig is trying his hand at podcasting. From lessig blog:

Wired has encouraged me to podcast readings of my columns, and as that was an easy and deadline-related reason to get going, I’ve made that the beginning. The best of podcasting, I am told and have seen, is not read, but written. Writing in mp3 is something I hope to experiment with soon. Until then, here is 050201 (the first, maybe the only, podcast from February, 2005): A reading of my March column in
Wired, read with a very bad cold.

What is podcasting you ask? Here’s an excerpt on the topic from Cindy Chick’s LawLibTech:

You all know how an RSS feed works. Podcasting is a similar concept, but instead of distributing text, podcasts distribute audio recordings via what is essentially a RSS feed for audio files. Blogs allow anyone to be a publisher. Podcasts allow anyone to be a broadcaster. These audio files are in MP3 format, and can be played on your computer, any MP3 player, or, wait for it….your iPod!

Sources: Robert Ambrogi’s Lawsites and LawLibTech