Pretrieve – A Free People/Business Finder

I recently discovered Pretrieve and consider it to be the best people/business finder freely available on the Web. Although it doesn’t offer the kind of detailed info available from fee-based services, it does gather an impressive array of free information.
With a people search you can discover an individual’s address and phone, as well as information in the following categories:

  • property (satellite photo, map, census info about neighborhood, presidential campaign contributions)
  • criminal (registered sex offender & federal inmate search)
  • court (death records)
  • financial (UCC filings by debtor, personal political contributions, federally-excluded parties, HEAL defaulted loans)
  • professional (professional history, OIG exclusions, attorney licenses, patents records and applications)
  • local info (school ratings, sex offenders, political contributions)
  • miscellaneous (birthdate)

Do a search for yourself and see what you find. It might surprise you.

A business finder search will turn up address, phone and the following:

  • financial (UCC & SEC filings, political contributions, federally-excluded parties)
  • legal & government (corporation registration records, patent records and applications, OIG exclusions)
  • trade-related info (better business bureau reports, domain name registrations)
  • miscellaneous (satellite photo, map, census info about neighborhood, presidential campaign contributions, sex offenders, political contributions)

Pretrieve also has a reverse address and phone number look-up. Very impressive!

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