WI Legislator Briefing Book, 2005-06

The Wisconsin Legislator Briefing Book is a guide prepared by the State of Wisconsin Legislative Council to brief legislators on various subjects and procedures. Sections may include summaries of existing laws and current issues, FAQs, procedural flowcharts, and more. There is a lot of useful info here, for legislators and non-legislators alike.
Contents include:
Part I, The Legislature and Laws Related to the Legislature
Administrative Rules Review
Budget Process
Ethics Code
Interstate Legislative Organizations
Legislative Documents and Procedure
Legislative Staff Services
Lobbying Law
Open Meetings
Open Records
Wisconsin’s Legal Framework
Part II, Selected State Programs and Laws
Chapter A – Agriculture
Chapter B – Criminal Justice, Corrections, and Juvenile Justice
Chapter C – Economic Development and Employment
Chapter D – Education, Elementary-Secondary
Chapter E – Education, Post-Secondary
Chapter F – Environmental Protection
Chapter G – Family Law
Chapter H – Financial Institutions and General Insurance
Chapter I – Health Care and Health Insurance
Chapter J – Housing
Chapter K – Human Services and Aging
Chapter L – Municipal and County Government
Chapter M – Natural Resources
Chapter N – Privacy
Chapter O – State and Local Revenue System
Chapter P – State-Tribal Relations
Chapter Q – Transportation
Chapter R – Utilities and Energy
Chapter S – Veterans and Military Affairs