WI Western Bankruptcy Court Offers RSS Feeds

The Wisconsin Western Bankruptcy Court is offering a RSS feed for notification of new orders (including judgments) and complaints filed. Each time a new document is filed, the court sends a notice with the docket number and party names. By clicking on the link, you will be directed to view the full docket in PACER (log-in required). Links are available to many documents via PDF. PACER fees apply. The court also has a RSS feed for their What’s New page.

Word of warning: These feeds do not work with all feed readers. I use Bloglines and was unable to subscribe. However, I did subscribe with MyYahoo! by removing the “s” in “https” Terry Payne, Automation Specialist Trainer at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court, suggests using Firefox’s Sage or RSSReader.com.

Source: Legal Dockets Online and Terry Payne