"First Ever 'Russ Feingold Blog Post' "

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Senator Russ Feingold is guest blogging at MyDD.com. In the post, he shares his thoughts on the political impact of bloggers and the Federal Election Commission rules relating to political communication on the Internet. Here’s a bit from the blog post:

My kids often tease me about the time I pre-heated a toaster before putting some bread in to toast it. I deny it. I still maintain to this day that I DO know how to use a toaster, but I also admit to some not-so-brilliant moments with technology, if you can consider a toaster technology. But, today, even my kids would have to pause to give me a pat on the back for this first ever “Russ Feingold Blog Post.”

The WSJ also reports that we can look for more blog posts from Sen. Feingold in the future. (See Melanie Conklin’s Page Two column in Wednesday’s WSJ – it doesn’t seem to be available electronically.)