SchoolMatters: Public School Information & Analysis Database

Standard and Poor’s has launched a free database called SchoolMatters which provides information and analysis about public schools in the United States. Data is available nationally, by state, or even by local school district. Articles about the database appear in both the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and
From the article:

Ever wonder how much money your local school spends on education per student? Or how many students there are per teacher? Or how well the students score on standardized tests?
Or how about comparing all that information – per pupil spending, student teacher ratios, proficiency scores – side-by-side with neighboring schools, or even compare it with state-wide or national averages?
All this data and millions of other education snippets now are a mouse-click away for parents, educators and policy makers, thanks to an innovative Web site launched March 29 by the National Education Data Partnership, a collective of national education groups.