UW Law School Trivia Answers

Here are the answers to yesterday’s UW Law Library National Library Week Law School Trivia contest:
1. In its history, where has the Law School NOT been located?
Answer: C In a log cabin
2. What name did law students give to the gargoyle, saved as a memento of the original building, when the new law school quadrangle was completed in the 1960s?
Answer: A. “Brownie” – In addition to naming it, students would place various hats on his head and wrap scarves around his neck.
3. In what year did the first Law School class graduate?
Answer: 1869 – There were twelve graduates; Course of instruction was one academic year
4. What was the cost of tuition per term that year?
Answer: A. $20 for the first term; $15 for each subsequent term
5. Which Law School dean was the great grandson of a famous abolitionist?
Answer: B. Lloyd Garrison – Garrison is the great grandson of William Lloyd Garrison
6. What year witnessed the first Cane Parade and Cane Toss by law seniors at the homecoming football game?
Answer: B. 1917
7. When did the first woman graduate from the UW Law School? Who was she?
Answer: 1885, Bell Case La Follette – she was the wife of and advisor to “Fightin’ Bob” La Follette.
8. Which Law School faculty member began his career at Wisconsin because of an accident: After narrowing down his college choices to Michigan and Wisconsin, he spilled ink on the Michigan application. The Wisconsin one was clean so it was sent.
Answer: D. Frank Remington
9. The wall on which “The Freeing of the Slaves” mural in the Quarles and Brady Reading Room is painted was constructed to tilt forward so that the top projects about five inches further than the bottom. Why?
Answer: So dust would not accumulate on the painting.
10. Somewhere in the Law Library, there are busts of two prominent Law School alums: Burr Jones and Evan A. Evans. Where are they?
Answer: In the Quarles & Brady Reading Room