Use Badgerlink to Search & Create Alerts for Wisconsin Newspapers

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be automatically alerted when articles about your clients or practice areas appear in Wisconsin’s newspapers. . . and receive a link to the full text articles. . . for free? Good news: this service is available via Badgerlink.
Badgerlink, a collection of popular and academic databases from the Department of Public Instruction, is freely available to Wisconsin residents. One of these databases is ProQuest’s Wisconsin Newsstand which contains the full text of twelve Wisconsin newspapers including the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Capital Times and the Wisconsin State Journal.
ProQuest now has an email alerting service which will automatically notify you when an article matching your search term appears in one of the Wisconsin newspapers. For instructions on how to set up the alert, see Using ProQuest Alerts in the Wisconsin Library Association’s Media and Technology Section Spring 2005 Newsletter.