Milwaukee Small Claims Self-Help Clinic

The Milwaukee County Courthouse has established a self-help clinic for small claims matters. The clinic will run every Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
The clinic is seeking volunteers to help provide general information and assistance in filling out small claims forms. For more information, see the notice in the MBA Messenger.
UPDATE 5/10/05:
Milwaukee County Circuit Judge, Richard Sankovitz emailed me the following:

Credit for operating the clinic goes to Nancy Trueblood, a local lawyer who has operated the clinic almost single-handedly for three years, and to von Briesen & Roper, which, starting last February pledged to staff the clinic every Thursday for a year.
Also, we offer a self-help clinic for unrepresented family law litigants four times per week, thanks to volunteer lawyers, to the Association for Women Lawyers and to staff members and lawyers of our county Child Support Enforcement office.
Our ambition is to operate the clinic full time, like Waukesha, with volunteers available to assist individuals as often as possible.

Thanks, Judge Sankovitz ! I’m always glad to receive comments or additional information about WisBlawg posts.