Happy Birthday, WisBlawg!

It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow WisBlawg will celebrate its first birthday. Even more unbelievable to me, is the fact that just a year and a month ago I hardly knew what a blog was!

WisBlawg began as an experiment to see if a law library blog had a place in the blawgosphere. At that time there were only one or two other law library blogs in existence. In the grand tradition of the “Wisconsin Idea” coupled with a librarian’s desire to dispense information, I began to share my knowledge of legal and Internet resources with Wisconsin’s legal practitioners.
It seems that WisBlawg has indeed earned its place. Statistics reveal that the blog receives about 75 hits per day and has 100+ subscribers. It’s readership includes attorneys, librarians, judges, paralegals, students, faculty, reporters and many other bloggers. I’ve also been told that it has also served as an example for other law library blogs, as there are now over 30 of them by my count.
I’m pleased at the success of WisBlawg and I thank each of you for your readership. As always, I enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions. Now where did I put that birthday cake?