Statewide Book Discussion Series – A More Perfect Union: The Common Defense

Connie Von Der Heide of the Wisconsin State Law Library reports that the Wisconsin Humanities Council is coordinating a statewide book discussion series entitled, A More Perfect Union: The Common Defense. Discussion kits are available from the WHC.
Series description:

The second A More Perfect Union book discussion series explores the founders’ mandate “to provide for the common defense.” Since 1787, the U.S. has acted on many occasions and in many ways in “the common defense,” fighting both on our own soil and abroad to defend U.S. ideals and interests. What is it that the U.S. has considered worth defending here at home? How have we defended our national interests when it comes to acting overseas? When is defense justified? What is the role of citizens, elected representatives, and government officials in making decisions about the common defense? Today, what do we consider worth defending? What is “common” – or uncommon – about those interests or ideals?