Must Kentucky Blawggers Pay $50 "Filing Fee" per Post?

Legal Ethics Blogger, Ben Cowgill, reports on his recent communications with the Kentucky Attorneys’ Advertising Commission about the treatment of law-related web logs under Kentucky’s lawyer advertising regulations.
Apparently, “advertisement” is defined as any communication that contains a lawyer’s name “or other identifying information”. All such communications are to be submitted to the Attorneys’ Advertising Commission, along with a filing fee of $50.00. Each time the content is modified, another $50.00 fee is required.

According to Cowgill:

Needless to say, it would be practically impossible for a Kentucky lawyer to publish a law-related web log if he or she were required to pay a $50.00 “filing fee” each and every time the content of the blog is modified. Every blog post would cost the lawyer $50.00!

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