Father Marquette Starts a Blog

Here’s a fun one from the Wisconsin Historical Society:

Blogs seem to be popping up everywhere. Still, Father Jacques Marquette (1637-1675) is not someone you’d normally associate with the latest trends in technology. The venerated missionary seems an unlikely blogger. But then, he was an unlikely explorer. On May 17, 1673, two weeks shy of his 36th birthday, Marquette set out with Louis Joliet, a 27-year-old philosophy student turned fur trader, on the epoch-making voyage that would make them both famous. Together they were the first Europeans to travel down the Mississippi River. . .
This summer we’re delighted to convert his journal entries to electronic form and stream them out twice a week as a blog from Wisconsin Historical Diaries. In addition to Marquette’s own words, running commentary will try to pinpoint the explorers’ location, link to other contemporary accounts, explain archaic words and phrases, and offer insights that make reading the journal more fun.

Source: Wisconsin State Journal, June 12, 2005