Court Notes that Google Search Might Have Turned Up Missing Defendant

In Munster v. Groce, the Indiana Court of Appeals recently upheld a ruling that the plaintiff had not exercised due diligence in locating the missing defendant. The court noted that a simple Google search might have helped locate him.

We do note that there is no evidence in this case of a public records or internet search for Groce or the use of a skip-trace service to find him. In fact, we discovered, upon entering “Joe Groce Indiana” into the Google™ search engine, an address for Groce that differed from either address used in this case, as well as an apparent obituary for Groce’s mother that listed numerous surviving relatives who might have known his whereabouts.
Munster v. Groce, — N.E.2d —-, 2005 WL 1364662, at n. 3 (Ind.App., June 8, 2005).

Source: Search Engine Watch Blog