Study of Law Students' Online Research Habits

The Stanford Law Library has recently published some very interesting results of their three year survey of law student’s online research habits. The study is entitled, Book Lovers Beware: A Survey of Online Research Habits of Stanford Law Students (Robert Crown Law Library Legal Research Paper Series, Paper #2, June 2005).
The study found that “in 2002, 75% of the first year class stated that they performed at least 80% of their research online; in 2003, this percentage grew to 83%; and by 2004, the number had increased to 93%.”
Wow – I knew the online preference was high, but I didn’t realize that it was that high! I have to admit, I prefer online sources also – BUT – I know that sometimes the better source exists in print. It’s unfortunate that this realization seems to be escaping students. Just wait until they see their first Lexis / Westlaw bill.
Source: The E-LawLibrary Weblog