Bloggers Role in the Supreme Court Nomination Process

There is no doubt that the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court is a hot topic of conversation this week, especially in the blawgosphere. Reuters has an interesting article about the role of bloggers in the nomination process.

Web logs likely numbering in the dozens provide a way for the thoughtful and the passionate to publish their views. Politicians are taking notice as they prepare for the first high court nomination fight since the Internet became common in American households.

Steve Clemons, who publishes a political blog, says that once Bush names someone “you are going to see the blogs go crazy” digging up information and in many cases “outrunning” mainstream media.

Tom Goldstein said researchers at his Washington law firm Goldstein and Howe already are poring over the background and court decisions of potential nominees. His firm’s blogs at and strive to be non-partisan, but will offer opinions on how a candidate may decide important cases, he said.

Source: Blawg