Law Practice Issue on Blogging

The latest issue of the ABA Law Practice Management Section’s Law Practice is devoted to blogging. Good stuff.
Feature articles include:

  • It’s Not Your Father’s Web Site: Lawyers in the Blogosphere It might seem hard to differentiate Weblogs from their well-known but more static cousin, the traditional Web site. Nonetheless, blogs are different—and in ways that hold powerhouse promise for legal professionals, from marketing your expertise to supporting client relationships. Plus: “A Cyber-Coffee Shop for Lawyer-Bloggers” and “A Full-On Research Tool to Illuminate a Practice Area.” By Sarah Kellogg
  • Ethics and Lawyer Blogs So far, there’s not much direction on the legal ethics of blogging. But advisory opinions surrounding e-mail and Web sites provide groundwork for what to anticipate. By William E. Hornsby, Jr.
  • How to Start Your Own Weblog And Make the Most of It If you’ve been intrigued by the possibility of starting a blog, what’s the holdup? Here are the basics demystified—from setting up to building traffic to managing blog swarms. Plus: “Finding and Monitoring Law-Related Blogs” and”Publicity in Real Space.” By David W. Opderbeck
  • Between Lawyers Roundtable: The Future of Legal Blogging Five pioneers give the scoop on the current state-of-the-art and what to expect down the road. An exclusive discussion among lawyer-bloggers Denise Howell, Dennis Kennedy, Tom Mighell, Martin Schwimmer and Ernest Svenson.
  • NEW! The Blogger Diaries Stepping onto the Cutting Edge It took about 10 minutes for lawyer Andrew W. Ewalt to set up a Weblog. Sounds easy—but what happens after that? The first installment in a series that will track his blogging adventures for a year. By Larry Bodine

Source: E-LawLibrary Weblog