Subscribe to Any RSS Feed via Email with Rmail

How do you like to read blogs? Via their Web page or with a RSS reader such as Bloglines? Although I highly recommend the latter, I know that not everyone has the time or comfort-level to set up a RSS reader.
For those that read blogs via their Web pages, you know that it takes time to go to each blog and check for updates. And how often do you need to check back to be sure that you don’t miss any content?
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have blog content delivered to you in a format that you already use – email? Some blogs, like WisBlawg, do offer this service – and I know that many WisBlawg readers do use it. Although, unfortunately, most blogs don’t offer this, they do, however, offer delivery via RSS.
And now there is a service called Rmail that allows you to have the contents of any RSS feed delivered via email. Simply enter the URL for the RSS feed (try clicking on the orange XML button to get it) and type in your email address. Then hit subscribe.
Give it a try. It’s much more efficient that visiting multiple Web sites each day.
Source: I learned about Rmail on an excellent tutorial called What is RSS and Why Should I Care? presented by the Huntsville Madison County Public Library. Highly recommended! Thanks to beSpacific for passing it on.