State of the Blogosphere Reports

Technorati recently reported some interesting figures their State of Blogosphere reports.
The report offers the following summary on the topic of blog growth:

  1. Technorati was tracking over 14.2 Million weblogs, and over 1.3 billion links in July 2005
  2. The blogosphere continues to double about every 5.5 months
  3. A new blog is created about every second, there are over 80,000 created daily
  4. About 55% of all blogs are active, and that has remained a consistent statistic for at least a year
  5. About 13% of all blogs are updated at least weekly

I find number 4 particularly interesting. Even though the blogosphere is growing tremendously, almost half of blogs aren’t being maintained. This would suggest that many new bloggers begin with gusto, but lose enthusiasm when they realize that it takes time and effort to maintain a blog. Something to think about before starting a blog of your own.
Source: The Depraved Librarian