Promoting Your Blawg

Daniel Harmon, editor of The Lawyer’s PC, has written an outstanding article on “Blawg Promotion.” (Available on Westlaw, 22 NO. 22 Law. PC 1)
As the number of blawgs continues to skyrocket, readers may find themselves overwhelmed with choices. Harmon offers some excellent tips on how to make your blawg stand out from the crowd. “[A] blog. . . can be a waste of your brilliant ideas and information unless you can attract readers.”
Some tips include:

* Drop your blog’s name constantly
* Register with search engines & directories
* Link to other blogs
* Make the blog’s name descriptive of its content
* Use keywords in your post titles
* Offer your own unique perspective – “Don’t Saw Sawdust”
* Encourage Reader Feedback
* Invite journalists to read your blog