Welcome Back UW Law Students – Here's a History Lesson

This is orientation week at the UW Law School and, once again, the familiar buzz of students in the atrium is wafting up to the reference desk.
As we embark on a new academic year, I thought it fitting to share a bit of law school history.
The first UW Law School class graduated in 1869. There were twelve graduates and the course of instruction was one academic year. The cost of tuition per term that year was a whopping $20 for the first term & $15 for each subsequent term.
The photo of the two law students is circa 1896. Check out the photo on the desk – ooh la la!
Sources: The University of Wisconsin Law School 1968-1968: An Outline History (1968 WI Law Rev. 322) and the first law school catalog (1868) as published in the Wisconsin Law Review (1968)