New Lawyer Shows This Fall

Findlaw’s The Practice Paper notes that there are two new lawyer tv series on the schedule this season. The Rocky Mount Telegram offers details:

“Head Cases,” starring onetime movie “It” boy Chris O’Donnell (“Batman Forever”) as an ambitious corporate attorney whose breakdown lands him in a treatment facility and then in a decidedly unglamorous practice with an “explosive disorder” sufferer, is a pleasant surprise. Sharper and more appropriately funny than you’d expect from a drama with a mental health subtext, it’s the TV show equivalent of a patient who’s starting to respond well to a thoughtful treatment plan.

And then there’s “Just Legal,” starring Don Johnson as a burned-out boozer and sole practitioner who suddenly finds himself working alongside a “Doogie Howser”-esque teen genius lawyer (Jay Baruchel from “Million Dollar Baby”). Utterly predictable and overly convinced of its own faded charm, it’s the TV show equivalent of . . . Don Johnson.