NYT on Why Lawyers Blog

The New York Times has an excellent article on law bloggers. Blogging, it seems, is a particularly apt medium for attorneys who, as a profession, “write well, quickly and clearly and do not fear arguments.”
There are some great quotes from some notable folks:

“It’s all words, that’s all the law is,” Scott Turow, a lawyer and the author of “Presumed Innocent” and other novels. . . When people think of law, he continued, “You think of jails and marshals and corporate executives. But the reality is, that’s what it is – it’s all words, and lawyers are verbal people, both in terms of the written stuff and the spoken stuff.”

The article also reports on findings from Blogads.com, a blog ad service who conducted a voluntary survey of blog readers. They found that 5.1 percent of the people reading blogs were lawyers or judges, putting that group fourth behind computer professionals, students and retirees.
The survey also found legal professionals make up 6.1 percent of bloggers, putting them fourth again, behind those in education, computer software and media. Not bad when you consider that lawyers constitute considerably less than 1 percent of the population.