Administrative Rule Making Explained

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance has compiled an educational guide to administrative rule making in Wisconsin. Administrative rules are reported in the Wisconsin Administrative Code.
“The state constitution grants the legislature the power to enact laws. The legislature, in turn, has delegated to state agencies the authority to promulgate administrative rules, which have the power of law,” instructs the guide. The guide follows the rule making process from initiation to publication. It also explains the use of emergency rules.
In 1979, legislators granted themselves the power to review all proposed administrative rules. Since that time, 5,930 permanent (81%) and emergency (19%) rules have been filed. Although this cumulative number has climbed steadily, the number of rules filed per year has actually declined in the last decade.
According the guide, the executive branch is developing a Web site that will allow people to search proposed administrative rules by topic and submit comments.
Although the guide does not appear to be available electronically, you may request a free copy on the WTA Web site or by calling 608-241-9789.