Create a PDF of a Website

Dave Fishel over at PDF for Lawyers has shared a useful tip on how to create a PDF of an entire Website or selected portions of it. Why would you want to do this?, he asks.

You may be doing research on a company for a takeover bid. The work requires you to spend many hours studying the company, but you don’t want their network logs showing your IP address snooping around at all hours of the day and night. Or perhaps you want to preserve a website as evidence of how things looked on a certain day and time. Or to archive your own firm’s website as a backup or “wayback machine.” Perhaps you’ve found a site with lots of amazing material that you would like to keep available for quick reference, but you’re not always online, the site doesn’t have search capability, and you want to have it available and make notes on it.

Head on over to PDF for Lawyers for instructions complete with screen shots. As Dave warns, be judicious about how much of the site to PDF since some sites are extremely large.


Update 12/19/05: For some reason, the direct permalink to this PDF for Lawyers post is broken. To view the post, go to the blog’s main url at and navigate to the 12/12/05 posts. The relevant post is titled, “How To Create a PDF of an Entire Website.”