Fill-in-the-Blank with Acrobat Reader's New Typewriter Tool

Although the Law Library hasn’t had any typewriters for a number of years, we still get occasional requests for them. Why? Because of fill-in-the-blank-forms. Luckily for our law students, our career services office still keeps a few around which they dust off when the need arises.
But I suspect that those workhorses-of-old will become even more obsolete now that Adobe has added the handy Typewriter tool to the latest version the free Acrobat Reader (ver. 7.05 – Windows & Mac).
“The Typewriter tool is the existing Text Box tool with a different set of default properties, which allows you to type text anywhere on a PDF document. This tool provides a simple solution for filling out forms that do not contain interactive form fields.” — Adobe Support Knowledgebase (see also for more features & instructions)
Source: PDF for Lawyers