Deadbeat Taxpayers List Meets With Mixed Success

As mentioned earlier, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s “web site of shame” is now live.
The site, required by Wis. Stat. 73.03(62), lists those who owe more than $25,000 for more than 90 days after all appeal rights have expired. The listing includes the name, address, type of tax, and total amount eligible for posting. A separate list of the Top 100 accounts is also available.
According to JS Online, the list has met with mixed success.

[I]t turns out, some of the companies and individuals are not in a position to be shamed. Some of the companies no longer exist; and some individuals on the list may no longer be alive. Others simply have gone so far underground that they are out of the reach of Department of Revenue agents. . . .

7,259 warning letters were mailed weeks ago, notifying those owing $25,000 or more that they would have their names posted on the Internet this month.

Since then, 913 taxpayers who owed about $8 million have contacted the Department of Revenue to agree to an installment payment plan; to notify the state that they had filed for bankruptcy; or to accept a compromise.