Marquette Student Blogger's Suspension Overturned

JS Online reports that the suspension of a Marquette dental student blogger has been overturned by the dean of the School of Dentistry. The discipline, he said, was “not appropriate” for the circumstance.

Last month, in a decision that drew sharp criticism on and off campus, [Theodore] Schrubbe, 22, was suspended for the rest of the academic year and ordered to repeat his fall semester after a committee of dental students, professors and administrators determined that a half-dozen postings on his blog were in violation of Marquette’s codes of conduct. One posting described a professor as “a (expletive) of a teacher.” Another described 20 classmates as having the “intellectual/maturity of a 3-year-old.”

Schrubbe did not use names on his blog, which included comments on subjects ranging from drinking to video games, and the Web site was intended for his friends’ viewing only. Critics said the suspension was too harsh.

William Lobb, the dental school’s dean to whom Schrubbe appealed, agreed. Schrubbe received a letter from Lobb on Thursday, informing him that his suspension was being repealed, Taylor said. The dean said he had made his decision with the help of an advisory committee.