NCSC Publications on State Court Trends, Work, Caseload Stats, Judicial Salaries

New publications from the National Center for State Courts:

  • Future Trends in State Courts 2005 includes several timely pieces that focus on events that will shape the state courts in the years ahead and a court-specific environmental scan, a major tool for strategic planning for the court community.
  • Examining the Work of State Courts, 2004 includes an examination of reopened, reactivated, and pending caseloads as well as some new detail of incoming civil, criminal, and juvenile cases.
  • State Court Caseload Statistics, 2004 is a reference volume that contains detailed information about state court caseloads and structure.
  • The Survey of Judicial Salaries features the annual percentage changes in judicial salaries for the period 1992 – 2005 and provides the salaries of state chief justices and judges of all levels, and of state court administrators, as of April 1, 2005, along with a special section on retirement plans for general jurisdiction judges.