Wisconsin Briefs Database Incorporates New Docket Number Format

Last April, the Clerk of Supreme Court’s office changed to a new case management system. As part of this change, the docket number format for Supreme Court and Court Appeals cases has changed. The new docket format contains the year, followed by the letters AP (appeals) and the case number. For example, docket number 99-1234 will now be displayed as 1999AP001234.
The Wisconsin Briefs database, created by the Wisconsin State Law Library and hosted by the UW Law Library, has now incorporated the new docket number format. When searching the database, you may use either the old (eg 992588 – no hyphens) or the new, expanded (eg 1999AP002588) docket number format.
To date, the coverage of the Wisconsin Briefs database includes published cases from 173 Wis.2d to 279 Wis.2d and unpublished cases from 173 Wis.2d to 280 Wis.2d.