Not Worried by Wireless Piggybackers? Think Again

Yesterday’s Wisconsin State Journal had an interesting article about piggybacking whereby computer users use someone else’s unprotected wireless Internet connections.
For the most part, piggybackers don’t consider the practice stealing. And most piggybackees weren’t too worried about it either, other than the few who noted that it could potentially slow their access speed.

But Brian Lisse, owner of Madison Computer Works, 353 Island Drive, said that’s not the half of it.
“If someone is using your ISP (Internet service provider) to do something illegal, like kid pornography, drug deals, terrorism, whatever, the FBI will come beating on your door,” Lisse said. “That’s the biggest danger. You’re leaving it open for others to use.”
“You better hope the guy next door isn’t using your connection for something illegal,” Lisse said.

The article goes on to list Wireless networks found throughout Madison.