Nothing Special About Google Finance

According to MarketWatch’s Bambi Francisco, Google’s newest service, Google Finance, gets a thumbs-down from some hedge-fund managers.

Launched Tuesday, Google’s (GOOG) latest, Google Finance — with its perfunctory quotes, news headlines, charts and the like — is not terribly impressive, partly because it looks so much like other finance sites created years ago, notably Yahoo Finance…
To be fair, there are some interesting features, like a very cool chart and news mash-up. In it, Google has taken its charts and news and integrated them so that readers can see where the stock was trading as particular news hit. People do this all the time — look at news, and the time it hit, and then go to a chart and pinpoint the time. But it’s eliminating the interim steps that makes Google stock charts instantly appealing.
But besides an interactive chart, there is nothing innovative or certainly spectacular about the new service. Where are the real-time, live quotes? Where’s the related video? Where are the open application programming interfaces, or APIs, so that techies can add maps and other neat tools that Google hasn’t thought of?