Library Week Contest Questions and Answers

Yesterday’s National Library Week Trivia Answer
Question: In 1990, the opinion written by Judge Alex Kozinski in United States v. Syufy Enterprises (903 F.2d 659) grabbed headlines for its style as well as its legal substance. Why?
Answer: Some suspected that the Ninth Circuit judge worked more than 200 movie titles into the text of the opinion. To see them, read The Syufy Rosetta Stone, 1992 BYU L. Rev. 457 (Spring 1992).
Stump the Library Staff Results
Thanks to everyone who submitted questions to the Stump the Library Staff contest. We are happy to report that no one “stumped” us again this year. There were a few questions for which were was no clear answer, but as every seasoned researcher knows, sometimes the answer is that there is no answer. Since there was no clear winner, we decided to give a prize to everyone that entered.
Questions included penalties for the sale of lawn darts, the first court decision in North America, the Indonesian constitution in both Indonesian and English, a law review note by a student’s father which was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court, and small claims and zoning issues.

Today’s National Library Week contest – Law Library Scavenger Hunt

1. What online database listed on the Law Library’s web site would you use to find the complete legislative history of a federal statute?
2. Where on the Law Library’s web site will you find a bibliography of Law Library materials on bankruptcy/creditor-debtor proceedings?
3. On what floor of the law library will you find transcripts of United States Congressional Hearings?
4. Where in the library will you find a book by Norma Thompson with the words “Unreasonable Doubt” in the title?