Storage and Transfer of Large Files

In WSLL’s monthly Tech Tip in Brief, Librarian Heidi Yelk offers recommendations on the Storage and Transfer of Large Files.

There are dozens of free services on the web that allow users to upload files and make them available for later pick up. Maximum size limits vary. While some services allow free transfers up to 2 gigabytes, the average maximum is around 50 megabytes. Generally, these sites require no registration.
Here’s how it works: A user goes to the service’s website; enters the email address of the person they want to send the file to; and uploads the file from their computer to the service’s website via the browse feature. The service then either produces a URL for the file which can be shared with others, and/or sends an email to the recipient containing a web-enabled (i.e. clickable) URL and directions on how to access the file on the Internet. Depending on the service, the file may be saved on the remote server for up to 30 days – the average is seven days.

Heidi recommends YouSendIt. Others are listed on the Creative Guy blog.