Trading in Your Old Cell Phone for Cool Stuff

So you just got a cool new cell phone, but what do you do with the old one? Trade it in for something you want with these services:
RIPMobile From their site:

You tell us what old (and not-so-old) mobile phones you have sitting in a drawer or on a shelf around the house. We calculate the value of those phones (some PDAs have value too), and tell you what they are worth (we pay you in RIPMobile points” – a “point” is worth a dollar). You then send those phones and their accessories in to us so we can inspect and test them. We can only pay you for working phones and PDAs, but we can recycle ALL mobile devices you send us, so don’t throw any away just because they aren’t valuable – they ALL have toxic materials in them.

Looks like they’ve got Circuit City & Starbucks gift cards or PayPal deposit.
ReCellular From their site:

ReCellular Inc. is the largest recycler and reseller of used wireless phones and accessories in the wireless industry. Now you can Trade-in your old cell phone worry free! We walk you through the steps on how to trade in your old cell phone for Best Buy digital dollars. We also provide free shipping labels for your convenience.

I haven’t tried either of these services, so I can’t attest to quality. My old cell phone is a dinosaur and I doubt I’d get much if anything for it. But I may take advantage of the recycling services anyway.
Here’s another one:
Shelter Alliance: Recycle your cell phone and help local domestic violence and sexual assault shelters at the same time.
Thanks to Judge Daniel Anderson for the tip