BooksOnPoint Indexes Web Sites of Legal Publishers

The folks at IndexMaster have beta released a new service called BooksOnPoint which indexes the content of legal publishers’ web sites. Unlike IndexMaster, which provides the full index and/or table of contents of legal texts, BooksOnPoint only retrieves content freely available on a publisher web page, such as description, publication details or summary table of contents. But BooksOnPoint is free, although registration is required.
So what is BooksOnPoint good for? Finding print-based books on a given topic. “Print – how quaint,” you say. Just keep in mind that many secondary law books still only exist in print format.
You probably still want to start your search for books in a library catalog. Be aware, however, that the catalog might not contain all of the same information as the publishers Web site, such as a chapter table of contents. Consider that while there may not be a whole book about a given topic, but there may be a chapter about it. BooksOnPoint could help you find it.
BooksOnPoint currently indexes about 30 publishers and over 10,000 titles. Although the name suggests books, it will contain many “titles” including journals, articles, newsletters and more.
From developer Mike Mingo:

I am determined to provide a universal search tool to supplement the on-line services and assist legal researchers by quickly delivering relevant on-point secondary materials. I am equally determined to provide the publishers with a useful marketing tool to assist them in getting their information in the hands of researchers who have a specific need that they can provide, at any given time.